Happy Birthday to my Dad – who turns 14 today!

We’ve been busy on the farm since the new year, sealing off the greenhouse end-wall, re-organizing our supplies and getting equipment ready for field-work.  At the end of last season, I bought a used roto-tiller for the tractor.  The implement’s price was a steal, but I knew the roto-tiller blades would have to be replaced.  Today I finished cutting off the rusted bolts and blades and can now start attaching the new blades.

The “bird wagons” are coming along, too.  This season there will be 2 new flocks of chickens – the Barred Plymouth Rock breed – known to be good on pasture and can be raised for meat or egg-laying.  The “bird wagons” are built out of old sod pallets and are meant to be moved around like a wagon to keep the birds moving onto new parts of the pasture.

And, the chicks have now arrived!  53 little ones are all healthy and romping around in their brooder until moving out into the bird wagons and fresh cover crop to munch on in the greenhouse.

Seeding in the greenhouse gets underway next week – beets, bok choi, chard and kale will all be getting their start!