Our most beautiful week of the year.  Here’s my buddy Rob cutting and bunching corn for next week’s decorative corn stalks.  This year’s corn crop taught me not to grow heirloom sweet corn if you don’t have a lot of room and a lot of nitrogen to work with.  So there hasn’t been any sweet corn this season…but at least its the time of year everyone ties bundles of corn stalks to their mailboxes!

Something else I learned this week – with temperatures rising above 70 and into the 80s in October, we’re right to think we’re experiencing “Indian Summer.”  But it actually refers to such warm weather only after there has been a hard frost.  In colonial New England, the term referred to a January thaw, when American Indians could move from their hunting camps not be tracked by the colonials.  In Europe, the term was “St. Martin’s Summer” –  a time for feasting and harvest celebrations, and the end to farmer’s yearly tenancy on November 11 (after the winter wheat has been planted).  I think this is fitting, because my own tenancy will also be ending for the season around the same time.