September Salsa Time!

Cherry Tomato and Hot Pepper Salsa

Add your ingredients to a medium sized mixing bowl as you go – this is a raw salsa using any of the ingredients in this week’s share

Use as many or as few hot peppers or chilies as you like – remove seeds and finely chop them up wearing rubber gloves or wash hands thoroughly after chopping

Slice the cherry tomatoes in half or in quarters

Remove seeds and chop the sweet peppers into small pieces

Once you’ve got these ingredients combined and you like the color of your salsa, add red or white wine vinegar to the mix to taste and season with a sprinkling of salt and pepper

Grilled Tomatillo and Scallion Salsa

Cut your scallions down to leave a few inches of the greens and sprinkle on some olive oil, salt and pepper – put on the grill with your tomatillos and grill until they are  slightly charred and soft.

Tomatillos – the funny looking yellow-green fruit with a thin husk – these are delicious!  Put them on the grill until the husk has burnt and the fruits are slightly charred and soft.
Take both ingredients off the grill (make sure you’ve removed the husks from the tomatillos) and add to a food processor, which will turn your soft ingredients into a thin salsa in a few seconds.  Pour into a bowl and add lime juice, chopped cilantro and chopped scallion greens to taste.