This past Sunday, I got to help make the soon-to-be famous McCormack Family Grilled Pizza:

Get the grill going: if you’re working with charcoal, it will be important to make a wide, even pile of coals.  Put the lid on and let it heat up.

You can use a prepared whole wheat pizza dough or make your own.  Roll out your pizza dough on a baking sheet with a sprinkling of cornmeal, flour and olive oil and coat both sides of the dough with your cornmeal/flour/olive oil mixture and set aside.

Prepare your toppings – they should be prepared as if they were going on your raw dough to cook, but set aside and bring them out to the grill with your dough

This week we made a “Thai Barbecue” pizza with Thai chilies, cherry tomatoes, scallions, red onion, barbecue sauce (preferably Stubb’s “ladies and gentleman, I’m a cook”) and provolone and a Pesto-Margherita pizza with pesto, heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil

Cooking your pizza:

It would be best to use a paddle for moving and flipping your dough, but a couple large spatulas will also do the trick.  By now your grill is nice and hot – put the dough on the grill and start basting the top with olive oil.  Watch the bottom of your pizza to make sure its not sticking to the grill and let it cook with the lid on for a minute or two.  Once the bottom is starting to brown up, flip the dough and start loading on the toppings.  Work quickly and put the lid on for 30 seconds to a minute to make sure the bottom doesn’t burn.  Once the cheese starts to melt, take your pizza off the grill and let it finish off – covering with tin foil may also help.

You may want to pre-cook some of your toppings – for the Thai Barbecue pizza, we sauteed the chilies, tomatoes and scallions together for a few minutes before putting them on the pizza.