The pleasant week following the July 4 holiday was great for our summer crops and this Friday’s downpour gave everything a much needed drench.  The tomatoes are fruiting and the cucumbers are flying!  The variety below is one from the Alternative Agriculture Network (แตงกวาเครือข่ายเกษตรทางเลือก) in northeastern Thailand.  This season it is still adapting to growing in this climate, but it’s producing big, nice-tasting fruit.

Pretty good share this week?

We seeded carrots along the tomato rows to test the “carrots love tomatoes” theory.  Our first crop came out surprisingly well, and the second crop has actually germinated!

We slaughtered two cornish cross chickens last night and threw them on the grill: one bird easily fed 9 people.

Interested in a rustic, backwoods-style chicken Bar-B-Que?

We’ll have more free range birds ready in August.  Contact us in advance to reserve a weekend evening!