No, not that kind of factory food…

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Whether we like it or not, our food system still relies on petroleum in many ways.  But instead of pretending like local food is a perfect solution to Peak Oil, I try to be realistic and use appropriate, efficient technology to run my farm.  One example is the farm tractor, an International 424 from the 1960s, which needs regular maintenance.  At the beginning of the season, I was lucky to get all of my zerk fittings lubricated using Magnalube products.  One of my closest friends from growing up, Luke Saunders, has been running this small company for the past 2 years.

This past Earth Day, I got to work together again with Magnalube and it’s parent company, General Magnaplate, to start a small organic garden at their factory in Linden.  Luke and other company employees built some really nice raised beds in which we planted peas, beets, radishes and transplanted tomatoes, tomatillos, kale, squash, chard and parsley.  These raised beds are going to have organic vegetables growing all season long.  This is the kind of factory food I can get behind – look at this nice crop of beets coming up!

Thanks again to Candi and Ed Aversenti for their support of Ralston Farm.  Luke and I look forward to working together this summer to support local food and gardening for factory workers at Magnaplate.