Above – a morel (true or false – I’m not sure).  After a rainy week, these little guys were popping up in Jockey Hollow.  I really wanted to harvest them, but it’s illegal in a national park.  But their emergence this spring is a good sign and hopefully means even more will come next spring.

I found an amazing secret ramp hunting spot the other night and we brought home a big box load!  These perennial wild onions smell like scallions and taste like garlic – they taste great when roasted or grilled with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

Lastly – bamboo shoots!  These guys are coming in all along the fence-line where Doug planted a bamboo hedge a few years ago.  Peel back the outer husk and the tasty, soft young bamboo shoots are inside.  They are best steamed and eaten with a hot dipping sauce or as part of a chicken soup!