For me, there’s nothing usually too exciting about zucchini – it tastes great at first, but once you start harvesting regularly, the flavor seems to get overshadowed by the irritation the spiny leaves leave on your hands.  They are a versatile vegetable though, pick them small and throw them in the fry pan with some oil, or pick them big and carve a canoe to paddle down your local stream…I even saw farmers in Italy storing them and cooking them like winter squash.

But the seed pack pictured below is a special squash (zucchini) – yes, this is the  Costata Romanesca, an Italian heirloom variety known for it’s nutty flavor.  But more importantly, this an Art Pack from the Hudson Valley Seed Library, which features beautiful artwork by my friend and goat farmer, Dana Gentile!


At Darlin’ Doe Farm, Dana naturally raises meat goats on pasture and in the woodlands of Saugerties, NY.  I was lucky to eat lunch with Dana (or, more like she ate lunch and I inhaled lunch) most days last summer and I often think back to her thoughtfully prepared salads and other dishes when I sit down to grub leftovers in the greenhouse.  Anyway, I’m proud to be growing this Zucchini in honor of Dana’s lunch menus and hope that it might lure her and her partner Abbi down to Jersey this season!