A lot of college kids take it easy for spring break, maybe they go on a trip somewhere warm with friends or just relax at home, getting doted on by their parents.  Unfortunately for my brother, he was stuck with me on the farm, picking rocks out of the field, watering plants in the greenhouse and digging holes with our recently-borrowed auger.  Instead of sleeping in every morning and eating cheerios in front of the TV, Phil got up early most days and got ready to be bossed around by his older brother.  By the end of the week, Phil earned his spot in the drivers’ seat, drilling holes with our generous neighbors’ auger.

So thanks, Phil!  If I didn’t have you around to guide the auger into the ground yesterday, we’d have a lot of crooked holes to pound posts into.  Instead, with even more help from Dad and my good friend Luke Saunders, we got all the fence-posts into the ground and we’re ready for deer fencing this week!